Athena (12/2011 – 1/2012)

Here is a drawing of the goddess Athena, one of a handful of Olympians I have recently drawn. I thought it would be nice to retrain myself to draw people by starting with random images from the internet. Here, I used a photo by Jasper Johal (a series about “the body as temple”) as the model- in the pic she was doing some sort of yoga pose, and the forward thrust of her torso seemed so dramatic to me, it reminded me of the “birth” of Athena from Zues’ head. I added the armor, the explosion of light. To hide the funny pose of her legs, I added the clothing as if it was coming from the viewer’s left toward Athena, and wrapping around her like a snake.

I did the pencil drawing the day after Christmas, and the computer paint-over in January after I bought a tablet. It was my second tablet drawing ever- and still is ten times better than the two or three I’ve done since (in my opinion).


2 thoughts on “Athena (12/2011 – 1/2012)

  1. Well done, the face especially is really realistic. Love the soft feel of the skin. What kind of tablet do you use? I have a Wacom Bamboo tablet, entry level but the right price. Are you doing this in photoshop or?

    • thanks. i use a wacom intuos 4… a little pricey but i use gimp which is free, so i figure it all evens out, lol… the athena drawing was originally in pencil, and scanned in. it was the first thing i did with the tablet, and i spent hours and hours on it. the skin quality came out nice cause i used the blend tool more than a brush tool, and it helps the color palette is limited, so its more about shading the right places than it is making it look like real skin, like my hermes drawing.

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