A Valentines Day Miracle!

This past Valentines day, I stopped by my parents house to pick up their mail (they were out of town). As I often do, I wander around the basement storage room and sift through boxes hoping to find some long lost items or at least something useful to take home.  Previous excursions saw me finding my original Dungeons and Dragons books and modules from grade school, art bins from college, extra sets of Christmas lights, and things of that sort. This time, in the back of a closet that has scraps of modeling materials and old drawings (from the late 80’s and early 90’s when i was an architecture student) I found a gigantic envelope. The envelope had two huge Valentines cards, about 24″ x 42″… one from my first girlfriend, Debbie, another from my second, Nikki.  I thought it was pretty funny considering it was Valentines Day, but “only” 25 years or so since I was sent those cards.

Yet lo and behold, what else was in that envelope? Only ten drawings i did in 86-87 that I had thought were lost forever! It seems I put them there because some were rather large, 18×24 and 24×36. I even found a couple that I had forgotten ever creating. Most were my first attempts at watercolor and/or mixed media. Three were originals of I only had found terrible photocopies of in recent years. i will add some of these to this blog in the near future.

Other odds and ends found that day include 3 mint condition Star Wars trading cards (one of Princess Leia choking Jabba the Hut, lol!).

The cherry on top? I also found a big tupperware container and top to take home for when I cook a lot of food! ha ha ha. All in all, a great haul.


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