Hamlet- The Ghost Appears (fall 1986)

This is a photocopy of a large sketch I drew in high school.

I gave the original to our beloved world literature teacher, Mr. Robert Hires (Loyola Academy), who hung it up in the classroom.  I recall the original being fully colored, albeit mostly shades of grey and blue and green, to give it a ghostly, night time feel.  A couple of years later I started coloring the photocopy with a more vibrant scheme, but apparently lost interest.  I do recall that the spark of inspiration came from a picture of one of the Pope’s Swiss Guards in a National Geographic from that year (the ghost’s pose and armor details). Once i drew the “knight’s” face, i saw two expressions came across… either an “oh shit I’m in trouble” face or one of a sudden dreadful declaration/announcement.

I ran with the latter.

The first thing that came to mind was Hamlet, which we had recently read in class. I added a sort of burst of hellfire and brimstone to the ghost to imply a sudden, startling appearance and his rage. Hamlet Jr. was depicted as cowering (which also helps get the idea of a sudden, scary apparition)- besides I couldn’t stand the whiny little bitch anyway with his constant emo moping around and thoughts of suicide. Either piss or get off the pot! I wonder if Shakespeare felt the same way about some of his characters… he did practically kill off most of the main characters in so many works! You can not really chalk this up to ONLY “being more tragic than NOT killing them”!

OMG… This would look SOOO bad-ass if i painted it up on the computer.  I should wait until I have some more skills using gimp (poor man’s photoshop).


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