Medusa’s Cave (W.I.P.)

***note (July 1, 2012): my stat page shows this entry is visited often, so I wanted to direct you to a more finished version:***

My third attempt at drawing on computer, started January 2012. My wife has been busy on the computer so I do not often get the chance to continue on this one… and when I do find time I wind up trying something new instead! (see the Debbie Harry post).

It really is obvious (to me at least) that I started on the left side and worked my way right… the detail and even painting style differs across the pic, and I have yet to add proper shading/lighting. Also, for some reason when I convert the drawing to jpeg format it gets much, much darker.I like the cave background, but now think it needs some “trimmings” to make it seem more like a lair, or at least help give the whole thing some layering/depth. As it is, it all feels kind of flat. Any suggestions out there?

At any rate, this is one of a handful of medusa drawings I did in January (the others in pencil, with differing body types, snake or scale details, etc. I suppose medusae to me are an excellent fantasy geek’s subject… combining sexy and or dangerous female, reptiles, monsters and mythology.


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