Bleacher Bums (1986)

A blast from the past!  I found a photocopy of a piece I did as a senior in high school.  I attended an all boy,  Jesuit school (they went co-ed a few years after I graduated), which meant we were fortunate enough to take religion and philosophy classes, instead of something like “shop” or “free period” or whatever you’d get in public school.  I happened to have the top grade in class that year, which may have chapped our teacher’s ass a little as I was not Catholic- he actually took me out of class to do little art projects for him in his office, like creating a logo for the newly established lacrosse team (of which he was a coach/supervisor).  One day I started doodling faces of some of the writers we had covered, and I liked the way the faces were coming out so I kept going, and going, and going.  To fill in spaces I added teachers and other students… and wound up with this. I gave the original to the teacher, who used it as a cover or insert to the syllabus- I have no idea how many years he did so as I had graduated after that year.

Starting bottom right to left (then zigzagging second row left to right, third row right to left, etc)… the figures are:

The 80’s line up of Yes :Trevor Rabin, Tony Kaye, Chris Squire, Jon Anderson (only hair showing), two unknown half faces, the ventriloquist dummy from the novel Magic, flasher, Isaac Newton, beer vendor, street preacher, gay guy, Charles Darwin, John Bonham (Led Zepp drummer), Sr. Llerena (spanish teacher), Jimi Hendrix, nerd, Bill the cat, cowboy, myself, nazi officer, Plato, Socrates, Spiderman, (?) philosopher I cant recall, Viktor frankl, Opus, Mr. Spellman (AP Calc teacher), Short Round, Indiana Jones, (?) philosopher I cant recall, Arnold as Conan the Barbarian, Tolstoy, mermaid,  Huck Finn, North Shore girl, misc. Loyola boy, punk rocker, chimp, Mr. Ed, Beethoven, Chris (?) from class, mr. Ratigan (class teacher), Mr. O’loughlin (english teacher), Martin Luther, Mother Teresa, Karl Marx, Wolverine, Sigmund Freud and his stacked girlfriend, Superman, Shakespeare, Albert Camus, Astronaut, Albert Einstein, Henry VIII, Thomas Moore, Eddie (?) from class, Darth Vader, stoner, Rick Wakeman (rock keyboardist), misc angry fan.




3 thoughts on “Bleacher Bums (1986)

  1. Extremely well-drawn work. I didn’t recognize even half of the figures at first but upon reading your description I guess that’s why haha. Nice job.

    • thanks… it took me a while to remember who many of them are… i still need to look at the covers of the books we read to figure out who those last two writers were…

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