The Gateway

Here we have A drawing I did at the end of 2011, just for fun.  It was unplanned, and I kept adding figures in the background, and then some trees to give it all a setting. I was pretty happy with it but quickly figured out there was not much i could do beyond that that would not likely just make a mess of it all.  A couple weeks later after I had started scanning whatever drawings I could find (in order to preserve them better) I thought I would play with this in “gimp” for a bit.  I created a background layer and experimented with various filters to make that sky (which gives the trees a wonderfully spooky feeling) and lasso-tooled the water to invert the colors. I splattered some white to make the splashing water a little more realistic, and topped it off with a lens flare on her staff to add an element of magic.

Overall, I like this a lot… it retains all the hand drawn character, and is polished/finished off with computer aided short cuts….. sort of like a high-end comic book feel. This is the drawing and computer altering that inspired my starting the Dandle And Lion series as well as convinced me to buy a tablet to seriously jump in to computer drawn pieces.

In light of that realization, I hereby name this piece “The Gateway”, instead of the working title “Amazon in trouble”.  People will wonder “Is she fighting to reach a gate? Is she defending the gates?…” but you and I will know the secret meaning is that this drawing was the “gateway” for me to both revisit and renew a life that makes room for some artistic expression and a little bit of fun.



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