Dandle And Lion – “You’ll make a fine soup!”

Another pic from the Dandle and Lion series (see previous posts).  Here, we see Hungry the Orc prepping for dinner, namely one of the children kidnapped from the village.

It seems our fairy tale has left the land of Disney and is on its way towards the realm of the Brothers Grimm.  My kids are at that phase where they still like the flowery fairy and bunny stories, but have the occasional craving for superheroes and monsters…. stories of drama and suspense- you know, things that give you that little thrill from fear. They were on a big Scooby Doo kick last year, and even told me they watched Ghostbusters II on Netflix last week- they even liked “the bad guy in the painting”.

I have mapped out 10 pictures to go along with the storyline, and have 5 of the more “action” filled scenes drawn… the rest are of the “boring” variety that fill in the scenes.  Luckily, I have not spent any time drawing these aside from a few thumbnails.  I say “luckily” because tonight at bed time we read Rapunzel – the version by Paul O. Zelinsky (which won awards for its beautiful illustration). At the end of the story Rapunzel and the Prince have a set of twins- a boy and a girl. I thought it would be neat to have our twins be those same kids years later… at least I would be tying an actual Grimm tale to our Grimm-ish tale! It could be pretty neat- my twins get a back story, and we also are left to wonder what happened to their parents, and what of the sorceress? There are so many avenues available, I think I’ll run with it.

And what is even more fortuitous is that my characters are named after an edible plant, just like Rapunzel! Coincidence or fate?Image


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