Superheroes! Captain America

Here is another Avenger- as depicted in the movie Captain America- the first Avenger.  I drew the outlines one day, then the shading and detailing the next day. I was surprised to see it took nearly an hour altogether! The funny thing is that I had to REALLY look at the costume, and noticed lots of things I had never seen before, such as the military bar on his collar. It looks more like a lieutenant’s (single) bar than a captain’s (double bar) insignia.  Also, there is gobs of stitching all over the suit.  If the tailor’s contract called for him or her to be paid by the yard, they would have walked away filthy rich, ha ha ha.


One thought on “Superheroes! Captain America

  1. Another awesome superhero pic!!! 🙂 You drew him in my favorite version of his outfit. I wish his one in the Avengers was more like it…


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