It has been a while since I have had time to draw anything, much less post it.  I did spend an hour after work yesterday sketching and made 4 drawings, 1 portrait, 2 nude figures and this one, which actually was the first of the bunch… (I suppose the 2 nudes were to balance out the 3 old women and one old man!.  I did not use my scanner here, instead using a camera to capture the image, which accounts for the greyed edges (which I think add to the sketchy flavor).

I had originally planned to sketch for only 5 or 10 minutes, trying to get back to a more “sketchy” style of drawing as opposed to trying to be precise with every line.  The precise route seems to work great on some days, and other times it is pretty frustrating, like a couple weeks ago during the “Ania” figure study. Then, the view I had the first 2 hours had no shadows on the subject, her body was a wash of a single color, and all I could really draw was the outline of her, and everything had a flat feel.  Once I moved to the opposite side of the room, there was something to actually shade, so the drawings were much nicer, but I still felt out of sorts and decided yesterday I should try to be more “scribbly” and even construct the body shapes and planes before detailing.  Basically, try to change the approach I have been using the last couple of months and get a looser feel to the final product.

The old ladies above are from a small black and white photo in a collection of Cretan Madinathes.  Those are basically short poems where every second line rhymes.  They are incorporated into songs, sometimes stretched out to great lengths, used in greetings/ceremonies, etc.  They also cover a wide variety of topics, usually about aspects of life such as love, friendship, marriage, dreams, childhood, homeland, etc .  The photo of the crying old women was for the section titled “thanatos” (death), so I gave this drawing that same title.


4 thoughts on “Thanatos

    • Me too- she shows the most anguish, while the one on the left seems more childlike in her sadness and crying. The one on the right seems to offer support to the lady in the middle, but her facial features and the way the shadows fall across them make her kind of creepy looking. She could just as easily pass for a taunting demon.

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