I found some more watercolors from a fall semester of 1988 course mixed in with my architecture school undergrad portfolio materials.  I forgot I ever did these, but once I saw them I remembered just how much I disliked taking this course.  We were never taught anything per se, it was more about “learn by doing”.  How in the world am I supposed to reinvent a million years of watercolor theory/technique/etc in a couple weeks? Throw me a bone, professor. “Just add water” does not qualify as teaching!

This last one kills me. I remember splurging on one piece of expensive paper, it still feels so velvety smooth, like lamb’s wool seat covers or something. My underwear should be made of this material… anyways, I had no plan, and painted a skull that the teacher had in his bag of models. It came out kind of nice, but then what the heck do I do with it? How about adding some creepy dungeons-and-dragons-alas-poor-Yoric looking dude. But now everything is on the left side of the page… lets add a wall sconce! Ugh… I should have cut the sheet into thirds, and maybe have something that isn’t as embarrassing to show for it!



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