Life Drawings 1 (Fall 1988)

Some more from a college drawing class…

I recall my room mates were envious of me that night… a first considering I was an architecture student, and they were in pre-med and vet-med. The conversation was something like:

med student: “Dude! You get to see naked chicks?”

me: “Yes, but sometimes they’re old or fat or guys.”

vet student: “All I will ever get are pigs, cows and horses.”

med student: “Yea? Still better than what I see: cadavers!”







3 thoughts on “Life Drawings 1 (Fall 1988)

    • thanks. It’s been so long, but I’d guess the basic ones were 2 minute sketches, and the others 10-15. the most detailed (feet & full profile) were probably in the 20+ minute range (I assume these times based on what I can do today). I do remember sketching a bit faster back then, as I was in more practice. It also helps that the drawing sizes aren’t that large, most fit on 8.5 x 11 or 11×14

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