Figure Study: Courtney

Well Ive been busy with Easter, work, new drawings and new digital drawings, and also a new profile on DeviantArt, and have not had much time to organize, scan and post anything. The DA site is kind of nice, its a bit more hectic than this one, with thousands of artists of varying skill levels and media constantly posting in various categories. Its easier to be noticed there, and any comments are immediate so instantaneous gratification is there… however with so many submissions coming in, you are quickly swept aside in the wave and lost to the “previous pages”.  There are also built in chat and sharing functions, as well as ways to purchase prints, postcards, etc of anything you like, with the commissions going to the artist. My only gripe is that there is a lot of fluff to filter out. On the whole, there is some pretty awesome traditional art and photography, and I recommend a look-see. Be warned that you may find a bunch of crap, but you will definitely find something that will knock your socks off if you spend some time…

…speaking of not wearing socks, or any clothes for that matter (giggitty!), here is a cropped photo of an adorable model we had a few weeks ago. I cropped this one cause the rest of her is likely to melt your hard drives…


4 thoughts on “Figure Study: Courtney

  1. You should check out as well….there’s a sketchbook section that is awesome. Hard to keep up with posting to wordpress and conceptart but it has the benefits of visibility that DA does. There are some ridiculously good artists there and it’s a benefit to see their sketchbooks to find out that they do figure studies just like you and I. 🙂

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