Supernatural Haiku

“moon lit cloudy sky/
shadow phantom stirring sleep/
howling coyote”

This Haiku sent me for a loop… the author had just become a follower of my blog (after my “Rescue” post), so when I went over to his site to have a look, this was the first entry that popped up.

What amazed me is that by some cosmically weird coincidence, his haiku, though inspired by a completely different source, perfectly describes my drawing…. not only is the imagery similar, but the format is identical both reading his haiku and looking at my drawing:

the top third of my drawing IS a “moon lit cloudy sky”
the middle portion of my drawing shows my heroine quickly and silently stalking and slaying her prey as they bed down around their campfire… ” a shadow phantom stirring sleep”.
the bottom portion of my drawing shows two orcs in shadow raising the alarm… and what is probably the most basic and recognizable cry in the night that of a “howling coyote”?

Its funny, but I have been developing a back story for the character to give me ideas in her look and new scenes to place her in… I never really thought about the monsters she faces. It seems only fitting that the orcs we will battle are to be of the Coyote Clan.


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