Windy Night

Attached is the latest digital drawing.  Actually, I have been working on this on and off for two or three weeks, with total time spent anywhere from 12 to 20 hours…. who knows…  This utilizes a few new techniques I wanted to try. To begin with, I fist came up with a rough back story for the character.  This idea came from the SyFy channel’s show Face Off, which is an elimination contest for movie makeup and effects artists.  When they were given a challenge to design a character and create from scratch all the makeup, costumes, accessories, body augments and so on, they all first settled on a basic story for their character, which in turn helped guide the theme or look.

This seemed so obvious after thinking about it… I already have some characters, and whenever the mood strikes I scribble them, and sometimes the scribble looks good enough to turn into a full drawing.  Many other times I feel like drawing, and have no inspiration so i just find an interesting picture or portrait and just draw that as “exercise”.  Now, by giving a rough biography to my characters, I suddenly find I am overwhelmed with scenarios to draw them in.  Even the day to day activities become worthy of a sketch… characters do not need to be slaying dragons in every drawing, they could be eating an apple and it would still be interesting, just as photographers capture everyday images and make them appealing by playing with light and shadow, or scale, or composition, or texture, or mood or emotion.

With that in mind, I took another look at my nameless “amazon” from The Gateway drawing, and decided she was a Ranger, a defender of the Dark Wood.  Perhaps she is the grown up version of my child character Dandle, who was raised by the faery folk and trained in magics and fighting to live as the Elven Rangers, though she is human.  Those who live near the Wood have heard tales of the pretty young girl who rids the countryside of the malevolent, murderous Orc clans that have been terrorizing the area.  Some have claimed to have seen her, her handiwork, or even to have fought beside her in the great battles between men and Orc.  They know her as Winsome Wildwarden… which means “beautiful guardian of nature”.

Seeing as she does not spend every waking moment turning monsters into sushi, I thought she would take time now and then to appreciate the beauty of the land she defends… so here I show her sitting in a banyan tree, feeling the strong breeze and watching the sun set as several will-o-wisps arise around her and attempt their mischief.

(keep clicking on it for ginormous size and detailing!)


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