“The Swede” (Hell on Wheels)

I had so much fun doing the Cullen drawing, and was still in a cowboy sort of mood, so I went on and drew another character from the show. This one started out using a mouse for the main shapes and facial shadows, but then I switched over to a tablet for more detail.  This was pretty much necessary as the actor has loads of wrinkles and crows feet. I must have spent 3 to four hours total on this one over the course of two days, again mostly to experiment with spotty brushes for texture, and sticking to shades of black and white to learn a bit about light,shadow and blending tools.


4 thoughts on ““The Swede” (Hell on Wheels)

    • Thanks!
      Its so much easier to work in black and white than it is in color, and I feel I have more time to practice/learn using the actual program, its brushes, and techniques instead of worrying about aesthetics. I think I will stick with the western theme for a while, and do portraits of Chief Dan George, the Duke, and Clint.

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