Black Swan

We finally had another costumed figure study… its been perhaps six weeks.

As evident from recent posts, I have spent my drawing time playing around with digital art, and have not lifted a pencil in ages, so I was hoping I would not be disappointed with my sketches.  As you can see, our subject this time around was a ballerina…… or more specifically the Black Swan.

Our host, Aaron, had hours worth of classical/ballet music on the ipod for some mood music, and we were all set to go.  There was a nice crowd, about 19 people showed up, and again ages ranged from late teens to mid fifties, and a nice amount of media was used… paints, pencils, charcoals, inks, watercolors, and digital.  This time around I remembered to bring a camera to have reference photos for future pieces.  I have a few that I really like, they are not poses per se, they are pics of the model interacting with the group during drawing breaks and such, and to me are far more interesting than straight up poses.  I like the “capture the moment” and behind the scenes feel more than the glamour poses.  Its funny though, those of us with cameras had to pause now and then because the costume did not fit the model just right, and whenever she raised her arms really high or stretched herself out, her boobs would pop out the top.  Being one of the nude models, she was not embarrassed but found it amusing and every time would say “oops, sorry for the nipples!”.  As far as this observer is concerned, a flash of boobs means never having to say “I’m sorry”, ha ha ha.  Actually, I hereby copyright or patent that phrase, before the people at Hallmark go and make a fortune with it!

Well, with out further ado, here are the sketches, and a few pics of the artists piled an top of each other around our lovely model, who I forgot to ask her name…. I’ll revise this post when I find that out.


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