Medusa’s Cave (revisited)

You may remember this little drawing… I posted the work in progress months ago, and finally got around to finishing it.  The funny thing is that it only took about an hour to do so, since I have picked up some experience in the paint program.  I cut and re-pasted parts of the foreground to sharpen and recolor it, added a lens flare to the cave mouth, and penciled in and “dodged” in highlights and detailing on the characters.  It has less of a flat feel, and is much improved, though I wish i could redo the medusa’s “human” parts for better color and texture… but I really do not see myself coming back to this a third time… but you never know.  Somehow the phrase “medusa cave” is one of the most popular searches bringing people to this blog, and I felt I should at least upgrade the drawing they come to find.

***To see the difference the “pop” of highlighting makes, find the original submission and open it in a new tab, then open this new drawing in the current tab.  Click back and forth to see the changes made and how they add dimension and drama.  I think it is pretty cool!


One thought on “Medusa’s Cave (revisited)

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