Robotech (1986)

Here are a couple of oldies i drew back in High School, late 1986.  I recall recording an episode of Robotech (aka “Macross” in the original Japanese Shows) on the ole VHS, and hitting “pause” during playback to get these flickering images.  The basic figure was what I used, with any backgrounds just added by imagination.  They were quick pencil sketches, then inked over (and pencil erased).  Finally came coloring… usually with whatever colored pencils I had, and the occasional crayon as seen in laser burst of the human’s fighter jet in “Guardian Mode” (as opposed to full jet fighter mode or full “robot” mode).  I think Transformers basically totally ripped off this type of robot.

The big purple thing is from a later series of the show, where this is one type of the invading alien’s (the Invid) ships… this again was penciled, then traced over in ink and colored with markers and pencils. The background fire was an experiment with a watercolor wash, which actually turned out pretty good in some areas.


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