Growth and Development (or as we called it, sex ed.)

Ah, Fourth of July dinner… that time where the different generations of a family gather around for some barbeque and catch up on life’s happenings.  This year, one of my brothers took his family to Florida, and my other brother was at his in-laws, leaving my sister and I, with our spouses and kids to visit our parents. The food was great as usual, and there was only 2 days worth of leftovers since most of us were on a diet (we usually 5 days worth of food for a party… if you’re gonna make a mess, you may as well get some work done!)

Eventually, the table was cleared, and the kids were having some ice cream.  The oldest cousin in attendance (my nephew) was about 11, and my sister (his mom) told us a funny story.  It seems his class had their Growth and Development course recently.  The way it was handled was the boys and girls were separated, and shown different videos each day…one covering male anatomy, another on females, and finally one on reproduction.  From what I recall, we had no videos at our school (this would be like 1979 -80 or so).  What we  had were those pull down cross sections of reproductive organs.  I was towards the back of the room, and when they pulled down the drawing of male parts, I thought “what the heck is that?”  I had no idea what a cross section meant.  This drawing was a side view, showing tubes and weird shapes and things inside of you… while I was only familiar with the top view of my own frank and beans. What is funny to me is that by the time I got a job in architecture, drawing cross sections was my specialty.

So my sister continues with the story:

She picked up the kids (she has a boy and a girl) and on the drive home (the boy) says he saw the reproduction video in class… and asks “Mom? Did dad really do that to you?”  Ah hahaha… that was funny.  My sis decides to wait till dinner that night to mention this tidbit to her husband… whereupon he spit his mouth full of food across the table. My sis got a good laugh, and her son finding it amusing asked his dad point blank, “So did you really do that to mom?”

My brother in law paused, looked at the faces of his two children, and finally answered “twice!!!”

Oh, we all laughed and laughed… my nephew was there and asked my sis if she ever saw that video, she said no. He asked my wife if she ever saw the video, and she said probably not.  He finally asked me if I saw the video, and I answered “I was IN the video!” The poor kid turned beet red out of embarrassment and shock, and ran from the room. The adults laughed and laughed. I laughed so hard my limbs went weak, but my stomach was aching like I  did 100 sit ups.


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