Its a small world after all.

I was looking at the stats page that the blog host automatically compiles, and saw that in the four months I have been here,  I have been visited by people from 84 countries.  The above map shows which ones.  What strikes me are the grey areas, where no one (yet) has dropped in.  Maybe I’m just generalizing, but it sure seems that those grey areas are famous for one or more of the following traits: nonexistent internet infrastructure, practically constant war or ethnic violence, political censorship, religious censorship and polar bear overlords (guess which country that is!). In light of this, I have to wonder if the visits from countries struggling with the likes of the Taliban are from actual citizens, or are those visits by NATO personnel stationed there?

I am no tech expert, but I think it would be neat if nations of the free, or rather  “free-er” world somehow “accidentally” boosted a free wifi signal into those areas. Though computers may not readily be available, it sure seems that internet capable cell phones are, and people in these grey zones would have a chance to see that the world is a big and interesting place, chock full of people with joys and sorrows and lives to share.  Of course, they hopefully would be able to wade thru the upside down iceberg of superficial crap (celebrity info, etc) to find that nugget of real human substance deep down.  I myself have really only scratched the surface of blogs out there, and am always amazed at what I find… the kid whose musings about life show a wisdom decades beyond his years, the cancer survivor who shares her deeply vivid and saturated watercolors, the photographer who seems to have nikon lenses for eyes, cause every photo is composed in such an artful manner and somehow provides revelation and a moment of “truth” in ordinary places.

It strikes me as ironic that those of us fortunate enough to be able to share and see what is out there in cyberspace remark on how this has made the world “smaller”… yet those who do not have the opportunity or are denied it by their leaders can also be said to live in a small world.  Maybe the internet did not make the world smaller, but instead made us bigger?


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