Child’s Play

My sister in law teased me recently about the figure study sessions I attend once a month, wondering how I manage to wind up with naked lady models.  I told her it was not intentional, just serendipitous!  Of course, we finally are getting a male model (costumed as Conan the Barbarian) but on the day I will be out of town.  I will have to rely on whatever photo pack our host will eventually distribute to us for any sketches I may try out.

I looked through my archives and found few male studies worth posting, and my recent drawings are more about the female characters I have come up with, especially Winsome Wildwarden, as seen in these posts (and a few other works in progress):

So what could I do but post a pic of myself (its always about ME!) that my 5 year old daughter drew of me from memory.  She had been doing a little journal for her teacher as a special assignment in her pre-kindergarden class which involved writing a few sentences a day and drawing a scene of that story.  My daughter was born in October, a couple weeks after the cut off date to be able to attend school, and as a result is like 6-12 months older than the other kids in her class, which at that age is a huge advantage.  She is way beyond the rest in reading and writing ability, which is why the teacher gave her this journal project.

The day before she drew this I watched her drawing, and gave her a few pointers.  She was doing the typical child sketching of round head, smiley faced stick figures with hands that looked like lawn rakes.  I told her to make egg-shaped heads, and how to locate where the ears and eyes and nose and mouth are relative to each other, even mentioning the corners of the mouth should sort of line up with the centers of the eyes.  I told her an easy way to make a nose was to make it like a letter “L” instead of a little pimple-like curly thing a-la-Sponge Bob. We practiced by drawing a few superhero faces (X-men and Avengers) and she liked the way things came out. I was so happy and amazed to find this drawing when I came home from work the next day… she had remembered all the little tips and drew a portrait of me as a present.



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