Figure Study: Hannah

OK people, lets settle down…. I have a ton of drawings that have been piling up the last week, its early in the morning and I’m wide awake cause I did an hour of Yoga from the P90X program, and I want to get all this stuff online before our little family vacation next week.
Here, we find Hannah.  In this session, our usual host was not around so the substitute tried things differently.  There were no warm ups of consequence, and we did basically three long poses.  Attached here are the last two.  The likeness is pretty good, but as i look at the drawings now, some parts are out of proportion (like the feet).  My biggest goof was forgetting to bring pencils to draw with!  I only had my mechanical pencils and charcoals.  Charcoals are way too messy, and I only use them when there is no model, and I do not mind being inaccurate.  The mechanical pencils are great for detailing, with their 0.5 mm thickness, but terrible for shading.  I wound up applying light scribbles and using my finger to smudge the lead for shading.  Either way, practice is practice.

My biggest complaint continues to be the terrible lighting in the studio… there are scattered spotlights (not enough of them) that point all over the place and battle each other… you wind up with multiple shadows on the models… for example a nose may have shadows on both sides and underneath, yet still have a streak of light across the front.  This especially messes me up, because I do not construct an overall figure then fill in details, I start with details and use shadows and my “eye” to draw the next detail relative to the first.  If the model moves slightly, all those conflicting shadows change, and therefore my reference points move, which results in parts of the drawing being out of proportion in the end.  The guy next to me was really good at sketching, and seemed to have the same issue… it took him a full half hour just to do the girl’s head in the last pose, and the drawing was maybe 3 inches tall and wide. Though the drawing was great, the likeness was not true.

I could go the other way and sketch out the overall figure, then do detailing, but in long poses with breaks the models never get exactly back in position, and suddenly the details you see do not fit in to your outline.  My way leaves little room for error, but at least you can finish body parts to a more true likeness before the model moves… then the trick is trying to get those parts to fit together.


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