Bladerunner: Pris

It’s been so long since I have posted anything, I was afraid I would forget my login info!

I actually have not drawn a single line since my last post, mostly because I have let my work schedule and the whole getting-the-kids-back-to-school mess with my routine.  Of course it is all really my fault… especially cause I have also discovered Star Trek Online, which has consumed my free time instead of drawing.  In a few weeks I have achieved the rank of a Star Fleet Rear Admiral (level 45 out of a possible 50!).  I currently explore the universe in the USS Megas Alexandros (Alexander the Great), a mixed Avenger and Vanguard class star cruiser.

Yes, my epic geekness has crossed to the realm of ultra-cool.  Besides, we could all use a little more Shatner in our lives.

I did however make sure to attend this month’s figure drawing shindig, as the subject was the character Pris (played by Daryl Hannah) from Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi classic Bladerunner.  By coincidence I happened to have watched both Bladerunner and Kill Bill recently, and realized both of Ms. Hannah’s characters suffer similar ends.

In Bladerunner, Ms. Hannah’s character was proceeding to beat the living crap out of Harrison Ford, practically choking him between her thighs (which in retrospect would be as the Klingon’s say, “A Good Death!”… far preferable to a car crash or heart disease.)  As she made a final screeching run of somersaults towards him, he got out his pistol and blew a hole in her belly.  She fell to the ground, arms and legs pounding out a tantrum even the craziest four year old could ever dream of, all the while letting out a high pitched, blood curdling scream.  It is so horrific, the first thought that comes to your mind is “dude! shoot her again!” which he thankfully does to shut her up.

In Kill Bill, the “Bride”/”Black Mamba” (Uma Thurman) plucks out Hannah’s one remaining eye after an extended knock-down, drag out fight (the first was plucked out years before by her martial arts master).  Upon being blinded, she throws a never ending, epic, expletive laden shit-fit while crashing around the trashed mobile home they battled in.

Look up the scenes on Youtube.  What, you want links? I gotta do everything? You mom does not blog here!

Well anyways, our model got her makeup on, and even drew lines around her body joints to mimic movable doll/action figure parts.  She was in underwear at first, but preferred going au natural.  At first the little angel on my shoulder protested, cause the underwear actually lent itself to the concept of her being a doll (sexless) and the little details of straps/clasps/etc have a mechanical/constructed look to them.  Within a split second the little devil on the other shoulder piped in with “Are you shitting me? You are really going to complain about nudity? Maybe you should go home and play some more Star Trek…”  Ha ha ha.

Alright, here is ONE link… the group’s facebook page where you can see our models and examples of work by some of the artists who attend:

And here are some of my drawings (click to enlarge):


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