Hamlet: The Ghost (digital version)

I finally took a shot at redoing the Hamlet drawing originally created back around 1985 or thereabouts (see original post here)…  You may recall that I had given the original to my World Lit professor in high school, but made a photocopy of most of it (it was at least 11×14) for my own records.  I am not that thrilled with this, as in order to get the mood I hoped for I would need much better skills at using the tricks of the paint program.  I can draw the figures well enough, but things like adding textures and transparencies and such still that elude me.

I sort of started off on the wrong foot, opting to experiment as I went and as such used several layers.  The good part is that I can turn layers on and off to see how they look, and can edit them without ruining things I liked… the bad part is that since I do not use this method often, I would occasionally goof up and paint things on the wrong  layer.  Another layer issue I created for myself was trying to make the King look ghostly, and did so by setting those layers at 50% opacity so you could “see through” his figure.  Instead of painting him at 100% and then making him fade out, I tried painting while the layer was faded, so I could see the final effect as I went along- which wasted much time and effort.  For example, I was laying on gobs and gobs of black paint to shade some areas, but because of the low opacity it seemed I was not painting at all.

Oh well, it still is pretty good, especially compared to my other fantasy, multi-layer experiments like Winsome’s Sword and Windy Night.

Stay tuned, the next post (in 5 days) should be more pirate sketches as our costumed model will be famed lady pirate Anne Bonny.  Also, the next two digital drawings I want to try include a futuristic version of Aladdin and his flying car(pet), of which I already have line art drawn up…. I think I may try “cell-shading” for that… sort of the way comic books are painted.  the other will be a portrait of Guinevere of The King Arthur legends.

Have a good one!


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