Tomorrow is Another Day

The title of this piece is pretty witty, if I may say so myself…It comes from Gone With the Wind. I will explain in a second… first let me give you the background as to how it came about.

We had our October costumed workshop, and being the month of Halloween, our host chose a zombie theme.  There obviously was no costume per se, the model was nude, but we did have a make-up artist come in and do a full body paint, prosthetics and wig.  The make up artist was Karina Kedaitis (  Having a nude allowed for cool details like exposed ribs and much more gore than just a wrinkly grey face.  The poses were the usual shambling zombie thing, and not really exciting.  Clothes really do make the model sometimes.

This pose however was a long one, over an hour.  Our model was in a sort of “broken doll” pose in a chair, and I finished drawing with 10 minutes to spare.  So I started doodling up a quick background, and turned the chair into a bed, and added some other junk to fill up the page.  When I scanned it in at home, I edited it a little on the computer:  I blurred the background, added a brighter light effect in the window (better than what I originally drew) and airbrushed some white highlighting.

What I liked about the pose is that it evoked the sadness you sometimes get from the zombie genre.  For me there are three kinds of zombies… the old school, forever shambling around, body count zombie… the more recent, rabid, violent  “fast zombie” a la the film 28 Days Later… and what I think of as the  sad zombie.  The sad zombie is the one that reminds you they were once a person with a life, friends, loves, and so on.  For those who watch the show The Walking Dead, you may recall the half-woman crawling through the park the day Rick first woke up to the zombie apocalypse (they made special webisodes about her back story), or the little zombie girl with slippers and teddy bear at the gas station.

Here, I saw this crumpled,deflated, sad looking naked girl sitting on a bed.  She is forever waiting for a love who will never return.  Time is frozen, she will be forever alone and forever hungry.  She will never move a muscle until she completely turns to dust, unless someone living happens to enter this room- an unlikely event.

So now what to call this piece?  I tried googling words that would evoke love lost, sadness, and so on but that was fruitless.  I thought of perhaps naming her after some famous sad, dead lover from literature, like Ophelia, but that was a bit of a stretch.  Somehow, I accidentally came across Gone With the Wind. I thought that was appropriate, being set after a devastating war and destruction of society… and one of the famous lines from that tale perfectly reflects the idea of the sad zombie… that “tomorrow is another day” (but in the glass is half empty sort of way).  And the best part for us fans of dark humor… what better name for a a blood covered belle than Scarlett!


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