Circe W.I.P.

Its been a while since I have posted anything, mostly since I have not had a chance to actually draw anything!  When I finished my last project, I realized I had no others on the back burner.  So I thought and thought about what to do next… I have tried to stick to the fantasy/folklore genre of late, and have even revisited my Dandle and Lion series… trying to flesh out a story to give me scenes to draw.  In the meantime however, I wanted to get some drawing time in, and went through some of my reference photos from the costumed model sessions.  There were three pics from the Black Swan session that I have had in the back of my mind (one will someday be another ballerina drawing, another I can use in a fairy project, and finally the pose seen here).  I like the angles of her legs compared to her arms, and thought this would be a good reference for another famous lady of myth.  One woman in particular has been a favorite, so here she is, Circe the Witch.

You may remember her as a character in the Odyssey legends… she seduced Odysseus (Ulysses) and turned his men into pigs, eventually undoing the spell and hosting them all in her “palace” for a year (and Odysseus in her bed). Look it up on wiki… there is some interesting stuff about her use of plants and herbs to create potions and such, and even some species of hallucinogenic and medicinal plants are now named for her.

Anyways, the background was an experiment in stretching a multiple copies of a black and white photo of sand, changing its color levels, etc to create all the impression of a rough floor and walls.  This actually took over an hour of playing around with, involving testing all the layer settings I have available. That educational experiment happened a couple nights ago.  This evening I did the rough sketch fairly quickly, and jumped right into drawing her face.  As it turns out, I spent nearly two hours on that alone… again experimenting with techniques and tips I found in various tutorials on how to provide texture to skin, etc. So far I am liking the results… but then again I have been staring at this all night- tomorrow I may think “yuck!”  What is currenntly pissing me off is that when I zoom in, I like her face, but zoomed out she looks kind of goofy.  usually, its the other way around!


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