Felespiller (the fiddler)


Well I finally “finished” ( I still may do some touch ups) my Norwegian fiddler girl.  I suppose I will name her Cecilie, after an actual Norwegian girl who found and complimented my work in progress pic that I had posted on the deviantArt website, and who was kind enough to let me use her ID photo as a reference for the fiddler’s face.  The body, hair and fiddle comes from a photo of an actual professional Hardanger violinist named Maja Gravermoen Toresen.  I never had the time to do some modeling with my wife and kids for the current series, and besides, I do not want the same face for every character.  At least for the male faces I can alter my own by varying hair styles and facial hair, but the women’s faces would not be so easy to adjust with any reasonable level of realism.

I think the whole shebang took 5 or 6 hours over two drawing sessions.  I am happy with it, considering it is the first large scale attempt at realism I have ever done, and using a variety of pencils (H thru 8B).  I do wish I had better quality paper to begin with, this old stuff was not as white as I would prefer, and did not seem to hold up under an eraser that well.  I did wind up buying a much better quality, and really large pad today, figuring I could always cut the sheets in half if I wanted 11×17 size again.  Things I need to figure out at this scale from what I experienced here is how to control smudging, how to avoid shiny/metallic spots from pressing too hard with the darker pencils, and how to add highlights via erasing or perhaps white chalk.

Oh, also I have a new problem: how in the world to take good photos of these drawings at this size.  Here, I taped up the drawing on my kids’ chalkboard easel, turned on a bunch of lamps, and tried to hold my digital camera steady.  Then I imported the photo into Gimp, turned it to gray scale and cropped the edges.  The color you see here is not true to life, and the image is a bit warped (like a fish-eye lens effect) and no where near the resolution I would hope for.  I do have an old film camera that is pretty decent, but who the heck uses film any more besides “real” photographers?


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