Winsomme Wildwarden : Godslayer

ww_godslayer - SMALL

It has been a while since I tackled a Winsomme drawing, so I hopped back on board. There are actually several sketches involved in creating this…First, I have a series of progress sketches in the creation of the as yet unnamed troll god.  I was inspired by the recent Hobbit movie, and was also wondering about monsters’ lives in general, i.e. what do they do all day when they are not eating princesses or fighting knights and all that.  Do they go to “church” on Sunday and then watch some football?  What sort of god would they worship?  To answer this, I went to the internet and looked up “troll”, and as usual, wiki is the first thing to pop up.  The article went into the origins of the myth, and into the history of the definition of the word itself, which as usual changed over the centuries and cultures.  To make a long story short, I used several of the aspects of the word’s meaning in my monster, including being giant, an animal spirit, a boar, etc.  I imagine him as being the father of the troll race, though he is not exactly one himself.  Perhaps he mated with an elephant, and the resulting litter of monsters inherited giant sized bodies, thick skin, great strength, big noses, and a taste for flesh.  Being dumb is just their bad luck.  Eventually they evolve into the trolls we are familiar with today (especially Tolkien’s).  In a following post I will put up the design development, which shows the entire body, including his Norse tattoos and what they mean.

As far as the layout, I used a little mannequin I just bought to set up Winsomme’s pose, and myself as the monster with arms outstretched.  Put the digital camera on a 10 second delay, and there you go… reference photo for realistic hands in perspective.  Needless to say I do not have the buff arms nor the flowing locks of Mr. Troll… that’s just artistic license.

I sketched it all out on paper, redid it twice to get a nice line drawing, then scanned it in and painted over it.  I originally was going for the look I had in my first Winsomme drawing, The Gateway, which was all pencil drawn with only the sky and shadows added in the computer, but there is so much going on here I could never get any sense of depth with pencils alone, and besides I have gotten so much better at painting than I was back then.

Finally, I added a logo to give the whole thing a comic book cover feel, as I think I will keep Winsomme drawings at this 8 1/2 x 11 format from now on, and let the covers hint at her various adventures (which I now do not have to write!).  We will see her with different weapons, armor, etc… perhaps some are magical, perhaps they are specific tools for a job.  I do not want to keep her in a single outfit, but let her adapt as you would see in a video game, old fashioned Dungeons and Dragons game, or dare I say, real life.


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