Winsomme Wildwarden : Corsair

ww_pirate - sm

I had another Winsomme vignette in me.  I have been wanting to do a pirate scene again, and thought I would combine the two.  The secret weapon used in this piece was the blur tool.  Perhaps 99.5% of this drawing was done with the simple hard, round brush, and applied in a scribbly fashion as if I was using oil paint.  Then I would blur select areas or the entire piece, and the jagged edges would smooth out.  I especially like the way the water came out. Other tricks was using the lasso tool to create sharp edges and then paint bucket fill them… this was used for the ropes, the sail, parts of the ship’s deck and the land in the distance.  The lasso tool was also used to make crisp edges around Winsomme’s body parts, and mask off areas for easier painting.  The only part I am not so happy with is her sword arm and face.  I tinkered with those repeatedly, and still think that arm is a little out of proportion, and the shadows on her face not quite right.  The reason is that I had no resource photo to use.  Ah well, it is still pretty cool over all…

By the way, most all of my drawings can be purchased as hi-res prints/canvas/etc on deviant art’s website… go to


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