Design Development: Wildwarden Covers



I thought perhaps some of you would be interested in how some of my digital drawings are created.  Above you will find quickie photos of the last two Wildwarden vignettes, “Corsair” and “Godslayer“. As you can see, I loosely sketch out the concepts on standard 8 1/2 x 11 printer paper, and then keep tracing the image in order to finalize poses and costumes.  In the Corsair sketches you will note I originally kept her traditional woven leather skirt, but switched her top to a padded cloth with metal studs as was worn by our life model in the Pirate Anne Bonny session.  I was not so happy with that outfit, as it looked sort of Roman Legion-ish.  Up above that sketch you will see a little human figure where I scribbled up the more familiar sailor outfit of loose trousers worn high on the waist and cut below the knees, as well as the simple tee shirt.  I wound up skipping the shirt, so at least part of Winsomme’s usual outfit would remain, that cropped animal hide sleeveless tee. There are a couple benefits to this, first being consistency of character design, that sort of “trademark” look. Second is that skin is a LOT easier to draw than wind blown fabric against a human body. Third is that skin is sexier, and as Borat says, “You like? I like!!”

The Godslayer sketches show later phases, where the drawing was taken to a much farther stage of development before being scanned and painted over in layers on the computer.  What I omit is just HOW I got that much detail (especially in the monster’s hands)… namely the self pic of me sitting with arms outstretched around the artist’s 8″ wooden mannequin I just bought.  Why omit this you ask? I am a 43 year old man and you do not need to see a picture of me “playing with my dolls”! Ha ha ha.


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