Design Development: Troll God


This gigantic beastie was featured in the Wildwarden “Godslayer” vignette.  I was sort of scribbling up some monsters, inspired by the vast array of wierdos seen in the recent Hobbit movie.  I researched a bit of thee history of trolls in myth, and found they were originally nature related, the word itself was used for boars, and that descriptions revolved around long, thick hair and big noses.I imagined a monster who may have fathered trolls and other giantish monsters, as the Olympian Greek gods begat all manner of creatures.  Basically, he did not have to look like a troll, just have some of the features he would pass on to them.  The first sketches included a boars head with a thick body.  I reasoned the big nose reference could apply to both the length of the boars snout, as well as the size of the nostril area.  The body style eventually morphed into a combination of bear and elephant, as seen in the second sketch.  This looked too animal, almost like the way “Beast” is currently portrayed in X-men comics.  I wanted more hints of higher intelligence (as opposed to pure animal spirit) so added braids and armbands.  He was still a bit brutish, so I gave him a more human form, but with an elongated torso and stubby thick legs like a bear.  The animal nail/bone claws were replaced by metal blade fingertip “gloves” and brass knuckles, and the foot claws became metal woven into the heavy wrapped boots.

I added an enormous axe/hammer made of a tree trunk whose roots wrap around a slab of granite.  To spice up his look and make him seem both tough AND magical/arcane, I added ear and tusk rings, braided hair and runic tattoos to invoke the stereotypical imagery of a bad ass viking/biker dude.  The tattoos involved a bit of research as well… I looked up Norse runes and basically spelled out my name in code across his ribs. All the chest tats are hidden in the Godslayer paint, so I used the runes spelling my name across Winsomme’s sword instead.  The shoulder tats are actual Norse symbols which meant “divinity” and I also worked in other Norse patterns which were sort of “magical” runes of protection from poison, illness, etc.

The only thing I did not do was come up with a name for this 50 foot tall bastard.


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