Norske Folk 4: Fisker (Fisherman)


Here is another entry to the Norske Folk series titled “Fisker (Fisherman)”…For those of you new here, the previous entries are  “Norsk Jente (Norwegian girl)“, “Treskjaerer (woodcarver)” and “Felespiller (fiddler)“.  I have mixed feelings on this one. Although the piece is on 12×18 paper (the same crappy kind I told myself never to use again!) the total drawing time was maybe only three hours.  Of course this is due to there actually being little to draw…. nearly half the surface is just a smooth rub.  Oh, I also only used 2 pencils this time, a 2B and an 8B.

I do like the pose, which I got from an old pic of my grandfather from 1976.  I changed his face a little bit (elongated the nose, hairstyle and facial hair) and even invented a sweater pattern, but all I still see is that original reference photo. The landscape and props around him are pure invention as well.  I guess I am a little disappointed in that I could not find any decent sources for clothing details from the late 1800’s… if only facebook was around back then, ha ha ha.  Every museum site I found had more recent knitting patterns, and most of those were for “dress” clothes as opposed to work/everyday clothes.  Period paintings were of no help either, as they were never really detailed and more about color/brush stroke than realism.  Some nice ones I found had comments attached that explained the clothing shown was actually stylistically incorrect, either the wrong time period or wrong region of Norway, and likely also artist’s inventions.  The majority of fisherman paintings showed them in action on the sea, wearing raincoats and hats, and may as well have been the “Gorton’s fisherman” seafood brand logo.

So now I look at this sketch and say “Ok, its an exceptionally nice day and he decided to take the day off and sit by the sea instead of getting some work done”… but it still bugs me that so much of this is likely historically wrong.  They probably even had different boat hull shapes.  And worse, I still see my grandfather’s photo instead of  an invented character, but at least there i can try to fool myself by saying “gee Lou, you are SO good at drawing a copy!”




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