Wildwarden: Falconer


It has been a long time since I sat and doodled up any sort of drawing.  I have been occupied with other “artistic outlets” I had never tried before, and seem to be losing steam with those.  So, to hop back on the wagon I worked on a new Winsomme vignette…I have a few of these roughly sketched out in my mind, and a couple on paper in early development.  This was the easiest as far as posing and background, so went with this first.

The background you see was actually quite quick and easy, I used “tree brushes” which are basically rubber stamps of tree photos.  Adjusting their sizes and paint color, all you do is stamp-stamp-stamp.  I like how it all is really a flat mess, but when you focus on any area you see details of twigs and branches.  The waterfall was not so complicated either, simple round brush and airbrush tools.  When the background was finished, I blurred the image a few times to help the girl “pop” by comparison.  Next I did a foreground (rocks and stream and grasses) with a little bit of blurring.  Step three was the falcon, which was drawn as a big mid-tone grey shadow.  I used the dodge/burn tool (round brush shape) to burn in feather shadows/patterns and then the dodge tool to whiten the entire perimeter and some feather highlights.  If you zoom in, you can see just how rough the bird was actually drawn.  Finally, I started on Winsomme… beginning with the outstretched hand, then torso, then shirt, then skirt, then her head (face took forever… needed several re-draws), and the legs. Finishing touches included some shadows, grass at her feet, etc.

I like the way this came out, although she seems to be almost too crisp compared to the rest… it makes the drawing look like i copy clipped her into it.  The rocks in the stream also do not do it for me… but the drawing is over at least, and any other adjustments would be done through the drawing program’s pull down menus.



3 thoughts on “Wildwarden: Falconer

    • Thanks… I figured out that its easy if you draw the figure on a separate layer then use the lasso tool to select all of her… Then either airbrush some white along the edges or use the dodge tool, this way the edges stay crisp and there is no overspray. I used to spray then erase over and over to clean the edges… Duh. I wish someone made tutorials that were tool specific vs explaining a particular drawing they did…

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