Book Proofreading


I have nearly finished reading my novel in long sessions to get a feel for continuity and pace and all that fun stuff, and though I had reviewed it a million times for grammar, word choice, etc., I still find tiny things to change.  My biggest pet peeves are the occasional instances of “I used that word too much in the last few paragraphs!”.   So off we go to the online thesaurus!

Hmm… thesaurus.

Let me jump off track here.  I remember back before there was an internet, when I was in grade school I needed to buy one of those little “Roget’s (?) Pocket Thesaurus” for class.  I was in the local pharmacy buying an X-Men comic, and on the off chance they had such a thing I asked the cashier where I could find one.  That’s not so strange, is it?  I mean they always put in those racks at the beginning of the school year with packages of pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks, glue, compasses, etc…  So the lady who bore a strange resemblance to the mom of the family of thieves in “The Goonies” :

Says to me : “What’s a fasoris?”


Anyways, back to proofreading, I would like to share a little gem I discovered weeks ago when researching medieval life to make sure what I was writing was accurate.  I don’t recall what I was looking for, but somehow came across this Brit’s youtube videos.  He has a wonderful sense of humor, sort of a Hugh Laurie vibe.  He apparently does a lot of historical reenactments, cosplay and so on, so not only has a good historical knowledge but a practical one as well.  He found out (the hard way sometimes) about little details like uses of fire, weapon and armor details, etc.   He mocks the Hollywood versions of things, like sound and lighting effects, which are done simply cause they look or sound cool, but are completely wrong. Of course, the world has grown up seeing these things in movies, and we assume its real.

I had a scene in a castle, and described a scene where the flicker and sputtering of torches created all this tension and mood and yadda-yadda-yadda…. and then I saw the following video and went back and rewrote it all.

In my proof reading last night, I caught the mistake of mentioning “torches” instead of “lanterns” pages after my rewrite.

Which is what got me on this sidetrack.

Or was it a sidetrack?  I was talking about proof reading.

I think.

What the hell did I start this post for?  Ah, never mind.

Just enjoy the videos.


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