Drymus: Forest Feary Queen


Attached you find a digital paint of one of the characters in my recently published fantasy novel, The Mythic Forest (Fabelwald Saga, Book I).

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This is Drymus, one of several faery queens, collectively known, among other titles, as the Silver Sisters.  Her domain is the forests of the earth, which in fantasy novels are vast, dark and beautiful.  Without giving away too much information, suffice it to say she is not a big fan of humanity; she considers us just as bad as goblins, trolls, ogres and the like.  Basically any species that uses blades and fire is on her ‘shit list’, LOL.



I used a reference pic to do this, which explains why she looks so realistic.  The pic came from the ‘Supergirl’ model session I previously posted here.

I painted everything except the girl in color, in many, many layers using tools I’ve never tried before like “motion blur” to try and get an ‘atmospheric’ effect and a sense of depth.  Did it work?  In my opinion its a “sort of”.  I roughly drew the foreground flowers and big tree, not trying at all for realism, figuring why kill myself if I would blur the hell out of it anyways?  The trees in the distance look nicer cause they were a “stamp” of real trees, just scaled down.

The girl is painted in shades of grey, then colored on an over-layer.  Its the easiest way to get the shadows and such right and not worry about consistent  color mixing when painting in straight color.

What bothers me most though is the contrast between the girl and everything else: the realistic vs the cartoon-ish.  The best and worst thing about digital painting for me is being able to zoom in and out.   I do the loose, cartoon stuff zoomed out, and the realistic stuff zoomed in.   I need someone standing behind me with a taser to zap me every time I start zooming in.  Short of that, i should get a giant monitor so I could see the whole ‘canvas’ and have a consistent product, or simply quit doing paints that involve backgrounds, LOL, basically stick to portraiture which I think I do best.


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