A few hours ago the news was released that a 10’x 15′ mosaic floor was uncovered in one of the Amphipolis chambers.  For those who have not heard, Amphipolis is one of the largest if not THE largest tombs found in Greece, dating back to the time of Alexander the Great.  Its looking like this may be the tomb of one of his more important or at least favored generals.  One report I read says it may be the tomb of Laomedon of Mytilene, who was given Syria when the empire was carved up.

Anyways, there is a big circle missing in the middle, and because of the amount of detail of the surrounding artwork, they can pretty much reconstruct it.  What I noticed was the slightly different coloring of the stone/earth beneath, and that it sort of matched the shapes of the artwork above.  A simple adjustment of contrast in a paint program enhances this ( itraced out the lines).  I’m guessing that the discoloration either has something to do with the chemistry of the different colored stones used in the mosaic, perhaps leaching into the base “cement”; or perhaps because the “cement” batches themselves were not identical, controlled mixes as the different sections of the artwork were laid out (I’d guess they did the foreground details first to get the right shapes, then filled in the layers of background as those dried).  Since the mixes were slightly different in the colors were slightly off as well.

Oh well, just my amateur archaeological thoughts…


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