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hamlet2Scan_Pic0004pris04 - detailwoodsww_godslayer - SMALLww_pirate - smdragon 86or87    piratebonny_Pic0002 norsk jente     ballet harrypotter zombie021 sm el adin - small 6 guinevere2smallmorgana5circe jez    norske woodcarver treskjaerer- revfiddler_fin


10 thoughts on “Portfolio (highlights of all posts)

    • Thanks… I’m a bit bummed that that particular model married one of the painters in our group and they moved to Arizona… she was the best at striking and holding poses. Our current models are attractive but kind of boring. That is why I’m excited to use your reference pics, to my eye you have a “presence” and intensity.

      • I am currently working on a series of Norwegian people of the last 100 years (a nod to my wife’s background) using myself, my wife and kids as models… but when I saw your travel pics with the big cats and the deserts I immediately saw my Winsomme character moving out of the forest and across the world a la Lara Croft of the Tomb Raider games/movies/etc.

        You also would work great for my “femme fatale” series of which i have done Morgana Le Fay and Circe.

        lol… last week I was whining about how uninspiring our current crop of live models are, and today I’m all psyched up having found you… I guess it is true that when one door closes, another opens!

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