Fabelwald: Fremde the Strange


Here is a paint of one of the characters in The Mythic Forest.

Fremde the Strange, a self-exiled hermit, was once called Rikard when he lived among other humans.  He is also called Stranseir by the Elves, and Prexnos by the Faeries… all names that translate as “the strange and curious one.”

He turned away from his own kind, fleeing what he saw as humanity’s ignorance and cruelty, and wound up living in the wild.  There, he met an Elf, a forward thinker who set out to prove men were just as capable and deserving of magic as his own race, and who bound magic to Fremde via tattoos of spells and runes.  These tattoos had the unintended effect of further ostracizing Fremde… the superstitious humans found him frightening, and the elitist Elves saw him as a fraud, a cheap parody of themselves.

It was the faery folk however, who knew his heart and chose him for an important task…





Supernatural Haiku

“moon lit cloudy sky/
shadow phantom stirring sleep/
howling coyote”

This Haiku sent me for a loop… the author had just become a follower of my blog (after my “Rescue” post), so when I went over to his site to have a look, this was the first entry that popped up.

What amazed me is that by some cosmically weird coincidence, his haiku, though inspired by a completely different source, perfectly describes my drawing…. not only is the imagery similar, but the format is identical both reading his haiku and looking at my drawing:

the top third of my drawing IS a “moon lit cloudy sky”
the middle portion of my drawing shows my heroine quickly and silently stalking and slaying her prey as they bed down around their campfire… ” a shadow phantom stirring sleep”.
the bottom portion of my drawing shows two orcs in shadow raising the alarm… and what is probably the most basic and recognizable cry in the night that of a “howling coyote”?

Its funny, but I have been developing a back story for the character to give me ideas in her look and new scenes to place her in… I never really thought about the monsters she faces. It seems only fitting that the orcs we will battle are to be of the Coyote Clan.

The Rescue (Gateway 2) “Have fun storming the castle!!!”

A while back I posted a drawing called The Gateway, so named because of it’s personal impact on my experiments with illustrating.  Soon after completing that first sketch (yet prior to digitally manipulating it) I had begun a second with the same character… Continue reading

The Gateway

Here we have A drawing I did at the end of 2011, just for fun.  It was unplanned, and I kept adding figures in the background, and then some trees to give it all a setting. I was pretty happy with it but quickly figured out there was not much i could do beyond that that would not likely just make a mess of it all.  A couple weeks later after I had started scanning whatever drawings I could find (in order to preserve them better) I thought I would play with this in “gimp” for a bit.  I created a background layer and experimented with various filters to make that sky (which gives the trees a wonderfully spooky feeling) and lasso-tooled the water to invert the colors. I splattered some white to make the splashing water a little more realistic, and topped it off with a lens flare on her staff to add an element of magic.

Overall, I like this a lot… it retains all the hand drawn character, and is polished/finished off with computer aided short cuts….. sort of like a high-end comic book feel. This is the drawing and computer altering that inspired my starting the Dandle And Lion series as well as convinced me to buy a tablet to seriously jump in to computer drawn pieces.

In light of that realization, I hereby name this piece “The Gateway”, instead of the working title “Amazon in trouble”.  People will wonder “Is she fighting to reach a gate? Is she defending the gates?…” but you and I will know the secret meaning is that this drawing was the “gateway” for me to both revisit and renew a life that makes room for some artistic expression and a little bit of fun.